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SPS Certified Facilities

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The following map is a visual representation of the approximate location of SPS certified processing plants, and reprocessors. This map is updated weekly. Please refer to the "Certified Facilities" tab below the map for a complete listing of currently certified facilities.

List of Facilities

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Certified Facilities

Certified Facilities are facilities whose SPS certifications are currently valid.

The following is a list of all SPS-certified processing plants (both processors and re-processors). The lists can be sorted or filtered by country or species, or the search field can be used to help identify a specific facility.
BFP No. Producer Producer Type Accepts Unannounced Audits Enhanced Social Accountability Country Expiration Species
P10401 Nila Sea Foods Pvt.,Ltd. Processor No India 04-03-2021 Shrimp
P10059 Kitchens Of The Ocean (Thailand) Ltd. Processor No Thailand 04-07-2021 Shrimp
RP10030 Alimentos del Mar de Norteamerica S.A. de C.V. Reprocessor No Mexico 01-12-2021 crab
P10745 Genitech S.A. de C.V. (Processing Facility) Processor No Mexico 02-28-2021 Shrimp
RP10821 Bama Sea Products, Inc. Processor No United States 04-06-2021 Cobia
P10858 Captains Fine Foods Processor No United States 11-20-2021 Shrimp
RP10063 Shanghai Hi-Chain Food Co., Ltd. Reprocessor No China 09-01-2021 mackerel
RP10066 High Liner Foods - Newport News Reprocessor No United States 03-10-2021 Salmon
P10809 Alimentos del Mar de Norteamerica, S.A. de C.V. - Leyva Plant Processor No Mexico 01-15-2021 crab
P10812 St. Jean's Cannery Coast Mountain Resources Ltd. Processor No Canada 04-02-2021 halibut
P10847 SHANDONG TONGXING FOODSTUFFS LTD., CO. Processor No China 10-22-2021 squid
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Renewals in Process

Renewals in Process are facilities actively engaged in the re-certification process.
BFP No. Producer Type Producer Country Expiration
RP10621 Reprocessor NAFCO Wholesale Fish United States 08-09-2020
P10774 Reprocessor DuckTrap River of Maine United States 11-05-2020
P10780 Processor Atlantic Capes Fisheries, Inc. dba IQF Custom Packing, LLC United States 10-22-2020
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New In Process

New in Process refers to facilities new to the BAP Program and which have begun the process towards achieving certification.
Producer Type Producer Country
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