Global Seafood Assurances
Global Seafood Assurances

Responsible Fishing
Vessel Standard

The Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard enables fishing operations to provide assurance of decent working conditions and operational best practice from catch to shore.

Today's marketplace needs the confidence that their seafood supply chains are free of human rights abuses; that fishing crews are treated fairly, trained appropriately, and are working in safe conditions with payment, meals, and rest time provided. The Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard (RFVS) provides these assurances.

The RFVS is a world leading certification program helping the industry showcase best practices through independent, third-party auditing.
The RFVS is a fishing vessel-based program certifying high standards of vessels management and safety systems including crew rights, safety and well being.
Created through a rigorous and transparent development process in compliance with the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) requirements.

The RFVS program categorizes vessels by length of time at sea as this is the key factor in determining crew health, safety and well-being. This will ensure that the standard is accessible for all types of commercial fishing vessels.
The RFVS is the only vessel level certification program available on a global scale.
The RFVS will be independently validated by pursuing relevant third party benchmarking.

RFVS Development Timeline

Agreement signed to make GSA the new home of Seafish's Responsible Fishing Scheme program 2020.
Working together
Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard (RFVS) content developed by Technical Working Groups (TWGs)
First draft of standard criteria developed and approved.
Public conversation
60-day RFVS public consultation. Technical Working Group incorporated feedback into the final draft standard.
Final draft standard criteria presented and approved by the Oversight Board.
Certification pilots conducted.
Standard Publicly Released
2.0 Approved
RFVS open for applications through GSA.

RFVS Key Engagement Partners

Thank you to our engagement partners who have supported the RFVS development through participation in the Oversight Board, Technical Working Groups, or peer reviewers.

To learn more about the Standard or to get involved in an RFVS pilot, email